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Latte Vs Flat White – What is the Difference?

Latte Vs Flat White, Latte and flat white are both coffee beverages. They differ mainly in the amount of milk they contain. The flat white contains a smaller amount of milk than the latte and the same amount of espresso. Latte milk has larger bubbles and a thicker texture. Here are some of the most common differences between these two drinks. If you have never tried either, here are the basic differences between them.


A latte is a classic coffee drink, but there are many variations available. While the cappuccino is Italian in origin, the flat white was first made in Australia and New Zealand. Despite their similar origins, flat whites tend to have less microfoam than a latte. This makes them more concentrated, and they can be more flavorful than cappuccino or latte.

A latte is made by pouring a single or double shot of espresso into a cup, followed by steamed milk. Afterward, the coffee is frothed to create a fine layer of foam. A flat white, on the other hand, is made by mixing two shots of espresso called ristretto with steamed whole milk. The resulting drink is less frothy than a latte, and the crema is not as dense.

While flat whites are more popular in Australia., they are similar in many other ways. Both have the same coffee flavor, but each has a different milk consistency and cup size. They also have the same amount of caffeine. When ordering coffee, remember that flat whites are more likely to contain more milk than flat lattes, and lattes are often flavored with cream or sugar. You can also ask your barista for recommendations when it comes to flat whites vs. lattes.

The Flying horse Latte Vs Flat White

Origins of latte

The latte and flat white are two popular coffee beverages that have a shared Australian and New Zealand heritage. While these drinks started out as simple, white coffees, they have come a long way from their humble beginnings. These drinks have become one of the biggest cultural exports from Australia and New Zealand. But how did these beverages end up in the U.S.? And what’s so special about them?

The modern latte is believed to have originated in the US in the 1950s. It was invented at Caffe Mediterraneum in Berkeley, California, by Lino Meiorin. He adapted the traditional Italian cappuccino by adding more milk. After this, the drink quickly gained popularity and soon became an American specialty drink. As the popularity of the latte grew, the cafe added it to the menu.

The latte and flat white are two of the most popular coffee drinks in the U.S. Coffee shops. Both were added to Starbucks menus in 2015, and became the talk of the town. The origins of these drinks are a matter of great debate between Australians and New Zealanders. The drink is believed to have originated in Australia in the 1980s, but its origins are a little unclear. However, it is likely that the Australian flat white was the first milky coffee drink in the world.

Origins of flat white

The origin of the flat white is disputed. Some say it originated in Italy, while others claim New Zealand invented it. The most widely accepted version has a coffee served in a ceramic mug with extra-strong caffeine. A New Zealand barista, Alan Preston, claims he accidentally invented it. In any case, the coffee has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a cup of white coffee at a local cafe.

The history of the flat white dates back to the 1980s. While many claim the beverage originated in the tropics, New Zealanders claim it first. The coffee is now widely served all over the world, with most countries claiming to be the first. Origins of flat white in Australia and New Zealand have long been a point of contention. But who’s right? Which coffee is better? And who’s the most devoted devotee?

While Australians claim the flat white, New Zealanders claim the creation of the drink. Some cite racehorse Phar Lap, pavlova, and Russel Crowe as the names of famous flat whites. But whatever the case, the coffee has now become a staple of cafes around the world. Its origins are also controversial. In Australia, the flat white is often attributed to a barista. In New Zealand, however, the term is used to refer to a flat-topped milky coffee drink.

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